What We’re Reading, Watching, and Listening To

Climate Classes DC organizers are always on the lookout for books, films, and more to inform and illuminate our roles in addressing climate change. New to us or new in general, here’s our favorite climate-related media we consumed this summer. 

What we’re reading: 

The Conscious Closet

Just in time for this month’s fashion-focused panel, we’ve been reading journalist Elizabeth L. Cline’s guide to crafting an ethical wardrobe in the age of fast fashion and overproduction. It’s available via Indiebound, the DC Public Library, or anywhere books are sold. 

The Ministry For The Future

The latest from science-fiction novelist Kim Stanley Robinson imagines a world where the 2015 Paris Accords founded a climate-focused body called The Ministry For The Future. Dealing in both utopian and disastrous imagery, this 2020 novel isn’t the first time Robinson’s speculative fiction has considered the climate’s future. Ministry is available on Indiebound or at the DC Public Library via eBook and audiobook

What we’re watching:

“Drought & Flood: An Artistic Contemplation” 

Combining performance art and hydrology, this hour-long virtual concert presents work from seven different artists to “highlight the way that water ebbs and flows through space and time.” The concert was organized by the American Association for the Advancement of Science’s Water Affinity Group and is streamable on YouTube.

The Power of Big Oil

This three-part documentary from PBS’ acclaimed Frontline division chronicles the long history of fossil fuel companies blocking the road to addressing climate change. All parts are streamable via PBS.org

What we’re listening to: 

Headwaters Podcast

Developed by Glacier National Park and hosted by its rangers, the Headwaters podcast just completed a five-episode narrative series about conserving the distinct and endangered whitebark pine tree. If you’re dreaming of a visit to Montana’s Rocky Mountains, Season 1 of Headwaters highlights Glacier’s many in-park offerings. 

Planet Money’s recycling episodes

NPR’s Planet Money podcast has covered the unfortunate inefficacy of recycling multiple times in recent years. An award-winning 2019 episode dug into how much recyclable material ends up in landfills. This spring, Planet Money followed up with a report from Laura Sullivan about the lobbyists who sold recycling as a viable response to mass plastic production. Listen at the links above.